Friday, June 21, 2013

Alternative covers for Empath

Before I even started writing The King's Empath, I was working on the cover to the story. For some reason, I can't write a book without a cover being made for it. I know, It's an an odd trait. These covers were all drafts, and all had their own reasons for not making it as the cover. Enjoy and try not to cringe too much.

This is the first picture I found that looked closely to how Thea looked like, but unfortunately
the artist did not give me permission to use it. On top of that, I couldn't size
it right to even fit a cover.

The one I really wanted Thea to have on the cover was a cloak.
She wears one throughout the entire story. This artwork is made
by the same artist who put together Dragon Heir and Dragon Blade's cover.
She really is an amazing artist.

I actually used this as one of the pictures in Dragon Heir, for those
of you who remember. This was actually nice(even before I edited it to
make the woman look younger), but unfortunately it just looked like
a cheesy move poster for an indie film.

When I saw this picture, I had this feeling inside that this COULD be
the picture I was looking for. This is the original and the next series
of photos are what I did to manipulate the photo to turn it into a cover.

I tried this version, but it didn't sit well with me. I didn't like how it was just this side shot of her face.

I was so cure that this would have been it, but sadly it was not.
There are so many things wrong, that everyone said it wouldn't be
a good option. Firstly, the lashes under her eyes are like
chewbacca's hair, her face is too wide, and eye color is wrong.

A bit more feminine once I added the change of eye color, added some to the lips.

With the wonderful help of Mish, aka Prisim, she made Thea a nose!
Though, now, she looks almost too kind, without enough attitude. I gave up. 

I found THIS lovely photo and thought, this might be it! I got the permission
to use it, and I started editing it.

Until I produced THIS amazing photo. This is the final product.


  1. Hey look! No red spot (I'm such a smart ass, I know)

  2. OMG, just saw the one with the wolf in the background. WHY didn't u use that one instead?!?!?!

    1. AH I thought I replied to this! It's because I was never adding the wolf until AFTER I finished editing the cover. I'll probably try adding him again. I have to change the color of his fur though...He should be almost invisible with the black.

  3. So that is what Thea looks like! Awesome!

    1. Haha! You read my blogs too? AMAZING.