Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dragon Blade Temporarily On Hold

Yes...you're reading that right. Dragon Blade is temporarily on hold. It's a sad thing, but at the end of the day I'm doing this not only for me, but for all of you as well. Most who know me and/or read comments on my books/message board know that I am extremely busy. I mean REALLY busy. It has taken me two days on and off to write this small post due to time constraints.

Since DH got picked up a few months ago by a publisher, I've finally begun the process of editing the story and foolishly thought I could continue writing DB while editing DH, but after a LONG talk with my publishers it just seemed absolutely redundant.

When going through the entire book and writing down story points I realized something. I barely had a plot. All I had was a series of events that led...nowhere. It was an absolute mess. Everything I thought I knew about my story just flew out the window and basically had to comb through it with a fresh set of eyes. I hadn't realized how mushy and jumbled up Dragon Heir actually was.

Don't get me wrong, I knew that more than half of the book was poorly written (I blame that on my newness at writing a novel at the time) but I didn't think it would be this messy once I went back and actually edited. What's done is done and my job now is to make the story the best it can be.

I'm going through the story and changing a significant part of it, so when it does finally reach the point of publication it will hopefully feel like you're going on a new adventure with Leiv.

Though DB will be on hold, I WILL be starting a brand new story entitled "The King's Empath". Here is a look at the book cover. It's made by the amazing artist Yolanda Blazquez, check her out here. This is not the original image, it has been altered to fit the story. To see the original image, click the earlier link and browse her gallery. Thank you to Yolanda for allowing me usage of such a beautiful piece of work.


  1. We're in the same boat! You're doing the right thing IMO, although I'm sure you'll get (more) flack from some of your readers who get impatient.

    Beautiful cover--admire you for starting up another story at the same time. I'm a one-story woman!

    1. Whoever said patience was a virtue has never met the wrath of an impatient reader on Wattpad. I dare say they would have never made such a silly statement.

      I feel I need some sort of creative outlet to let go of all this clutter in my head. Though I know my schedule won't allow me much time to really dive into Empath like I did with DH, I feel a need for release. Hopefully this story will do that. Though I have been feeling a bit off lately, as if I'm a terrible writer. I had all these ideas for this story and now i don't even know where to start. I don't wan to do the same thing I did with DH and just jump right in without thinking and outlining.

  2. How long does it take to pick up the DB?
    I just read the 1st book and DB in 1 day on wattpad.
    And im very curious about the rest.
    I'll hope you are making progress with your new story, and it will be a succes!

    1. If you mean how long will it take for me to continue with it, well, maybe a few months to be honest. The revisions for Dragon Heir will take up most of my time and I can't start a sequel until a prequel is finished, so now, it's just a waiting game for you all. "Progress" would be too strong a word. I'm moving at a snail's pace. I want to get 2-3 chapters done before I even post the first as to give myself a bit more leeway when it comes to upload intervals. Thanks for the support though, really means a lot!

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