Thursday, May 15, 2014

I found a site that helps writers move on from 'writer's block'. I go through this all the damn time--more than I'd care for. Sometimes, without realizing it, the reason for why I'm stuck is because of something going on in my personal life. I know, it's odd. How can something like a break up, change in career, losing someone, or simply not reading mess up your writing?


When we write, we don't just pull from nothing. We're not magicians, nor should we be. We write from experience, from what we've seen, felt, and heard. How can you write about New York if you've never seen it? How can you describe how the city looks like? It's not all skyscrapers and taxis, I assure you. How can you describe what love truly feels like if you've never felt it before? Sure, you can fake it and describe what you think it is, but there is no authenticity to it.

Back to the point--You cannot write about what you don't know. So, if let's say you're writing about love and how the girl is falling in love with the boy. Then the next day you and your significant other break things off. Do you think you could start writing about love again? No, and here's the thing, most times we don't associate what's happening in our personal lives can affect our writing, but it totally does. So now, you're staring at your computer screen, completely frustrated and confused as to why you can't write like you used to. It's because of the break up!

Personal changes will always affect how you write.

Fortunately, there seems to be a website that can help you pinpoint the problem and why you can't write anything. It's called It's a nifty little site that helps you figure out why you're stuck. I tried it, and though it didn't get it entirely right, I found things in their solutions that I could actually use. Not to mention it actually tells you which celebrity writers have gone through he same thing.

Good luck!

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