Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teeny Tiny Excerpt for Dragon Blade Chapter 7

Keep in mind, this is raw. But I decided to tease you with a teeny tiny snippet of what's to come.

Remember, this is when Leiv escapes Talen by putting him to sleep with the powder. She has just defeated the guards who were on their way back to guard Talen's door, and now, a voice has pulled her back into the abandoned house she was hiding in earlier.

It wasn’t the creepiness in their voice, but the desperation in those two words that forced Leiv to turn and walk back into the dark house. “Hello?” She said slowly, her voice drifting off towards the corner shadows.

A stick-thin man emerged from the inner depths of the building, moving with the fragility of a scared animal. There was a pause in every step, a limp holding him back. He approached with forced courage, attempting to meet her eyes, but failing miserably. There was a slight slump to his posture, his body seemed almost unable to carry his own weight, as if it could give out at any time.

When his dark walnut eyes looked her way, she saw the fear in them, the storm brewing in their depths. It wasn’t until those eyes came into full view did Leiv see the pain hidden behind each one.

This man was, without a doubt, a slave. Red chaff marks ran around his wrists, the flesh peeling around that area. Bruised skin stretched over sharp protruding bones, his emaciated body dangerously deteriorating from years of servitude. Leiv couldn’t quite tell his age. His frail form made him seem closer to 40, but there was something about the man’s face, especially around the eyes, that made him seem younger.

“Who are you?” she asked.

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