Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Completely exhausted

I'm writing this on my phone, so excuse typos (if any).

I feel horrible for not finishing chapter 6 any sooner, but these past few months have been a crazy ride of scheduling. I try my hardest to stay up and do all my work, but even I need sleep. I've been staring at the computer screen so long, it feels like I'm melting into it.

Two important things:
1. I've finished chapter 6, but here's hoping I find time to re-look at the things I've written.
2. I'm planning a new story (I've got my heroines name all picked out). Hopefully all this brainstorming will come to an end and I'll have a blurb to share with you all!
I'll leave you with a quote, which can be considered a Easter egg for the new story:

"I can see the truth behind your fog of deception. There is no need for such silly games. Speak the truth or the only thing coming out of your mouth will be blood."


  1. *gasp* What do you mean you don't write 24/7 and have other things to do? The nerve! ;)

  2. ... that's pretty well formatted for posting from a phone! Highly impressed.

    ... why isn't my avatar pic showing in my comment posts?? :(

    1. Hahaha, did it all while I was at work. Sorry for the late reply for some reason It wouldn't let me do it on my phone.