Saturday, March 2, 2013

FAQ: How did you get the names for your characters?

Along with my "Comment of the Day" posts from Wattpad, I'm going to go ahead and start doing a FAQ segment. At times I'll be doing multiple questions, and other times I'll be answering one. It all depends on the quantity of questions flying/crawling in.

How did you get the names for your characters?

In Dragon Heir almost all the characters names were made from smushing the names of my friends together. How original right? *scoffs*. Let me show you a few off my list.

            - Leiv Devereux (Main Character) – IVy LE

            - Kenji (Leiv’s Close friend) Mix between Kim + bENJI

            - Rin (Leiv’s Dragon) Roxy + fIN (Haha, these are my dogs)

            - Deklan Bexton (Missing Prince)– DyLAN pEpKa

            - Talen Bexton (Oldest King’s son)  - Tyler LANE

            - Hana  (Seer)– tatiANA Hmun


  1. One of THE most creative ways to come up with character names. I just google but I love yours btter :)

    1. Haha, you think so, eh? I always thought it was a bit ishy TBH.Did you by chance get my long comment to you back on my other blog?

    2. Yeah I did.
      Inspired me a lot :)
      But then came the horror of writers block :o, school assignments and laziness :P

    3. Welcome to the wonderful world of writing, where blocks appear just as often as Paris Hilton says "that's hot!" :P